Eastern Synod of ELCIC

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada

In 1946 and 1947 two surveys were conducted in Fort Erie by the Canada Synod of the United Lutheran Church of America.
The results were so encouraging that the National Lutheran Council assigned Fort Erie to the Canada Synod.

The first service was held on October 19, 1947 in the Gilmore Rd. United Church.  On Sunday February 29, 1948, Trinity Ev angelical Lutheran Church, Fort Erie was officially organized.  There were 57 charter members.

As the Church grew, a building fund was established and construction began with ground breaking in April 1952.  Our new place of Worship was dedicated Sunday June 14, 1953.  Most of the chancel furniture was donated by members of the congregation at the time.

Trinity Evangelical
Lutheran Church

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Bertie / Douglas Street, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
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