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Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Erie is committed to ensuring that everyone can participate in all our activities and functions. Whether you want to attend a worship service or socialize at Coffee Stop after Sunday service, we want to make sure you can!

Trinity Lutheran's new elevator provides access to both levels of the building (Upper and Lower). The elevator is big enough to accommodate one person in a wheelchair or scooter, plus a companion.

Accessible Bathroom

Trinity Lutheran's bathroom has been fully remodelled with all the appropriate amenities required to provide full accessibility to everyone. The doorways can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters and the washroom is equipped with assistive handlebars, alarms, high profile toilet and a roll up sink.

Community Gathering

Is your community group looking for a space to hold meetings events or programs? Our commitment to accessibility means we are ready to accommodate all your groups needs! Please reach out to for more information.

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